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Pajamas and a knock on the door.

It's 3 pm on a Saturday and I hear my driveway alarm chime. I immediately freeze in my kitchen with coffee mug in hand, looking down sheepishly at my flannel pajama bottoms, fuzzy bear slippers and zip up hoodie. I feel shame. I take a drink of coffee and wonder who could be at the door.

What if it's my Amazon delivery? Family? Friends? Gulp. I slowly put my coffee down, smooth my hair and reluctantly head for the front door. I open it a sliver and peer out cautiously. I sigh in relief, it’s not family or friends thank goodness. It’s a guy selling magazine subscriptions.

"Todd" as he introduced himself, looked me up and down slowly and then looked away. Todd looked at his feet, cleared his throat, and proceeded to ask if I’d like to purchase some magazines. I feel relieved but also embarrassed.

Ten minutes later, I watch Todd slowly drive out of my driveway with four magazine orders purchased out of guilt. I sigh. While I love that my wireless driveway alarm notifies me when someone is approaching, wouldn’t it be great to see who is actually at the door?

I grab my coffee and sit down with my tablet and start doing some research and find that the same company that makes my driveway alarm, also makes a doorbell that captures video and sends it to a tabletop device for display. I can also communicate by voice with whoever is at the door and best of all its wireless. I also learn that my driveway alarm can be used as a door chime at offices and convenience stores. That’s pretty slick! No electricity needed (driveway alarm), WiFi data charges and no monitoring charges.

Sign me up! No more unwanted magazines, no wifi data use, no additional monitoring charges and I can lounge in my jammies without fear of who's at the door.

You check out and purchase the driveway alarm and the video doorbell here.

P.S. It's on sale :)

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