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You bring the wine and we'll bring the peace of mind.

One less worry.

As wine connoisseurs, we know you take your business seriously - from growing, harvesting and tasting to distribution. Maintaining the integrity and safety of your product requires some planning and strategy to make sure your harvest doesn’t fall victim to the perils of nature such as: temperature fluctuations, light exposure, power outage, and changes in humidity. A & E can help you with the areas that you do have control over, such as building security, access to your business, and compliance with local and state fire codes. As integrators, we specialize in:

- Video Surveillance and Burglar Alarms - Access Control, Locks and Keys - Temperature and Humidity Control - Lighting Control - Business SIP Phones - Internal and Guest WiFi - Networks, Intercoms, Sound Systems - IT Consulting, Help Desk Support - Antivirus, Cloud Back-Up

We go beyond physical systems to smart apps that let you know when a door has been accessed during off times, video security that lets you look in from your mobile phone to see who is wandering about, and time restrictions that can limit when staff can enter a room.

Everyone needs unified communications to operate efficiently in today’s mobile world. Save money and gain flexibility with network-based telephony systems that provide on the go integration for mobile users. Easily interconnect outbuildings, production, distribution and tasting rooms to keep communication open and easy to use.

Wouldn’t it be great to offer fast, robust WiFi to your guests in the tasting room without compromising internal company data speeds and driving up costs? We can help you set up networking and guest WiFi services that will keep your customers engaged and hanging around your tasting room a bit longer.

What about network security? Do you need off-site cloud backup, firewall and networking help? We even have antivirus packages to help keep spam and malware at bay, while personalized desktop support helps you keep systems running smoothly and efficiently.

You probably do many of these things now…The challenge is, when something isn't working, who do you call? Does one vendor blame the other, leaving you confused and frustrated? Wouldn’t it be great to have one technology provider for everything from doors, locks and keys, to computer desktop support? One phone call, one point of responsibility, eliminating the cost and confusion of five vendors, walking around each other.

Let's talk. Drop me an email or give me a call. You'll be glad you did.

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