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Too much tech gear. Not enough beauty.

We recently had a couple come to us with several concerns about their home’s We recently had a couple come to us with several concerns about their home's. We living room entertainment gear ranging from performance to appearance.

The husband had the TV he wanted, but the sound was not quite up to his expectations. He was concerned the upgrades he wanted would require even more remotes to keep track of. The most important concern for the wife – who was quite the interior decorator – was the cluttered equipment and wires detracting from the beauty of their home.

When we arrived on site, we discovered the house was wired for a TV room surround system, and three other areas contained whole house sound. We decided to take their existing TV, add a mounting bracket and move it to a better location. Once the TV was relocated, we installed a surround sound receiver, a whole house sound system, and speakers below the TV.

To control their TV, streaming devices, DISH system, surround sound and whole house sound system, we added an ELAN Control System. This System allowed for the added integration of the existing DISH Hopper box, and we added a video streamer to use with Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, as well as a music streamer for Pandora, Spotify, and Radio.

Now the entire system is controlled with a single app, a single remote and voice control that brings all the home systems together. Gone are the multiple boxes, remotes and hanging wires. The best part is the homeowners can watch or listen to what they like from any room in their house with a single controller.

Let us help breathe new life into your favorite room.

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