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The coolest room in the building.

This morning I walked into our conference room and instead of running around turning on multiple devices or fumbling through multiple apps on my phone, I simply stood beside the door and told the room to "Alexa, Wake Up The Room" and just like magic the lights turn on, the thermostat adjusts, the drapes go up, background music starts and display devices power up, leaving me time to grab a cup of coffee and check email before the meeting started.

I love technology and all the cool things I can do, but sometimes the multiple apps and apps can be confusing and time consuming, so when I heard we were incorporating Alexa to handle voice commands I was pretty excited to see how everything would work.

While Alexa was the voice and ears behind some of our smart devices and apps, we needed an interface to actually make the commands and devices work. That's where we searched for a flexible and intuitive interface to make everything come together.

We were fortunate to discover the ELAN Control System offering a single, simple interface on touchscreens, remotes and mobile devices. The possibilities are virtually endless to what devices we can control within this ecosystem.

Smart automation is perfect for residential or commercial applications.

I'd love to give you a tour of our "smart" rooms and all the amazing things these rooms can do.

Contact me today!

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