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Commercial Door Hardware

As good business owners you strive to provide your customers with easy access to your establishment. Doors that are used frequently require a higher quality hardware that can withstand multiple openings and closings during the day.

While standard door hardware at your local hardware store may appear appealing, the overall life of the product may not be what you expected. Choosing residential door hardware for commercial use may save you a few bucks but can result in poor performance, repair issues and high replacement costs.

Commercial hardware generally has an ASI grade of 1 or 2, one being the highest and most heavy duty. While heavy duty grades are an important feature, one must also consider that many commercial buildings require the hardware to meet certain specifications such as UL Listing and ADA Compliancy.

Why is a UL Listing important? UL (Underwriters Laboratories) develops standards by which they test door hardware to verify that it meets certain safety requirements during use, or in the event of a fire or other emergency circumstances. Not all locks are UL listed. In fact, most residential locks are not. For insurance reasons and building code requirements, UL listings are often required in commercial applications.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers a wide variety of private businesses, as well as all agencies of state and local governments. The ADA requires that these entities provide access to their programs, goods and services to the disabled. Businesses or buildings that are open or offer services to the general public are called “places of public accommodation” by the ADA. Any building built after January 26, 1992 must be fully accessible to people with disabilities.

What are the ADA requirements for commercial door hardware? ADA Compliancy requires that door hardware must not require more than 5 lbs. of force to operate. It must also be operable with one hand and without tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. Lever handles and some other types comply with this requirement. Traditional round doorknobs are not accessible, as they require tight grasping and twisting to turn.

Navigating UL Listings and ADA Compliancy can be a bit confusing and time consuming. Enlisting a qualified, licensed Locksmith company to help you choose the appropriate and compliant hardware will save you time and money in the long run.

Take the confusion out of commercial door hardware by having a chat with one of our qualified specialists.

Email or call me at 503-883-4139

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