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The Connected SMART Church

Creating a powerful worship experience requires the coordination of your church leaders and an experienced technology integrator who can work with you to achieve your vision. New Age Technology can be intimidating due to the multiple devices, specific tasks and the apps needed to control them.

Let us show you how easy and convenient technology can be by integrating applications under one voice-activated device. Easily streamline multiple devices to create solutions centered around your worship space, your project purpose, and your overall message.

AUDIO Full-room sound creates a meaningful experience throughout the entire worship area. Your leaders can communicate their message without distractions while music engages the audience in powerful and compelling worship moments.

VIDEO If your church is like other churches, you want to reach as many people as possible with your message. Whether you want to extend the worship experience to another room or another facility, networking and video distribution gives you the tools necessary to accomplish this objective.

AUTOMATED SMART ROOM CONTROL Worship experiences often occur spontaneously regardless of how much planning you put into the event. With automation and smart technology, you have full control to make adjustments or decisions on the fly regardless of where you are in the auditorium or worship setting. Control lighting, room climate, sound, video, streaming devices and other room elements at the touch of a button.

MEDIA ROOMS You can now turn any room in your church into a fully-functional media center that allows your guests to watch videos, sermons, or listen to worship music in almost any setting. Media rooms are great for small group studies, video series, or hosting a small event.

SECURITY SOLUTIONS We understand and specialize in security solutions to protect your church and congregation while allowing you to keep an eye on things remotely from any smart phone or tablet.

- Intrusion and Fire Alarms -Security Cameras -Access Control -Panic Buttons -IP Phone Systems -Intercoms -Networking -Cloud Services -Locks -Keys -Door Hardware -ADA Hardware -Safes -Full-Service Locksmith

We’re here to help you put together your worship events in a way that connects and protects your church members and guests.

Schedule a free consultation today by calling 503-883-4139 or email me

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