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Coffee Shops Require Unique SECURITY and Data Solutions.

Coffee shops require unique and customized security and data solutions to keep your business safe and running efficiently. SECURITY CAMERAS: High definition cameras placed in strategic locations can help identify employee and customer theft, fraudulent credit card use, accidents and suspicious activity. Remote smart phone viewing and notifications alert you when a potential problem occurs.

LIVE VIDEO AND PLAY BACK Live Streaming Instant Alerts Triggered Notifications

ALARM SYSTEMS: Secure and manage your shop during and after business hours with door sensors, window sensors and motion detectors. Mobile notifications inform you when a door is opened, the alarm is engaged or disengaged, when a thermostat is changed, or a water pipe breaks. Smoke alarms and glass break sensors add a layer of greater security to your establishment.


ACCESS CONTROL: Allow employees to unlock and enter your business easily and without the hassle of having keys cut. Access cards, fobs, and user codes take the guess work out of who is coming and going. Add or delete users easily from any smart device or computer, and receive mobile notifications when an employee enters or leaves.

WAVE AND GO Easy entrance and text notifications of who's coming and going

PANIC / HOLD-UP BUTTONS: Discreet panic buttons can be easily accessed from under a counter top or next to a cash register should an emergency arise. Summon help quickly with a push of a button.

HELP AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON Discreet help when needed.

WI-FI AND NETWORKS: Encourage your customers to stay around a bit longer for another muffin and cup of coffee with fast and reliable Wi-Fi. No need to worry about customers slowing down business internet with dedicated guest and business connections.

VOICE ACTIVATED AUDIO AND ENTERTAINMENT STREAMING: Provide background music and video entertainment for your customers with simple voice commands. Stream Pandora, Netflix and more with integrated Alexa voice control.

A & E Security and Electronic Solutions has been providing customized security, data and entertainment solutions since 1968. Our consultations are always free.

Contact us at 503-883-4139 or click to send us a message.

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