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UPS Power Protection

What is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?

A UPS provides guaranteed power conditioning and backup power when utility power fails, either long enough for critical equipment to shut down gracefully so that no data is lost, or long enough to keep required loads operational until a secondary AC source, like a generator, comes online. A UPS also conditions incoming power so that all-too-common sags and surges don’t damage sensitive electronic gear.


- Wireless networking equipment (routers, modems)

- Servers

- Computers

- IP Phone Systems

- Televisions

- Security Systems

- Gaming consoles

- Mobile devices

UPS Types

What Size is Needed?

Electronics have both maximum watt ratings and maximum VA (volt-ampere) ratings. Neither rating may be exceeded by attached equipment. Watts measure real power drawn by the equipment, while volt-amps are the product of the voltage applied to the equipment times the current drawn by the equipment.

Figuring out Run Time for Equipment

Run time refers to the amount of time a UPS will be able to power its attached equipment in the event of a power disruption. The more equipment you have plugged-in to your UPS, the less run time you will have, so it’s important to make sure your UPS is only providing backup power to your most critical equipment.

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