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Get Ready for Faster Internet

Buckle Up for Speed

More and more Internet service providers are claiming gigabit Internet speeds, but you haven’t noticed any improvement. At A & E Security and Electronic Solutions, we’ve analyzed this common complaint, and what we’ve found is that bottlenecks are occurring in customers’ internal network.

Often, there is a simple explanation and easy fix that can improve your Internet speeds.

  • How old is your router? Dated equipment cannot always process gigabit speeds.

  • How many others share your network (also known as your network “Backbone”)? Your network is a shared gigabit connection, meaning no single person can enjoy gigabit speeds.

  • How long have you had your current network? Older networks are not capable of processing higher speeds as they were created before gigabit speeds were available.

  • Or, worst case scenario: Do you have a hodge-podge of off-the-shelf switches that have been added over the years to split up your network and slow your speed?

We Can Help

A & E Security and Electronic Solutions can perform an assessment of your network and pinpoint where your bottlenecks are occurring. We’ll help determine if you need a larger network Backbone – perhaps an upgrade to 10G or 40G. Or, maybe you can update your WiFi Network to allow faster speeds.

Have you thought ahead and installed fiber optics? If your fiber cables are not aqua or yellow, you’ll continue to have minimal speeds, even on your high-tech fiber optic network.

Call A & E Security and Electronic Solutions today to schedule a FREE network assessment at: 503-472-6439 and get the high speed Internet you deserve.

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